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Senin, 26 Januari 2009

My Desease

I’ve let this feeling become a desease in my body
And let this thing crawling in my skin
I’ll leave everythings trough the timespin 
And let my mind have no influence in the lifescreen

You are the fungus  have grown in my heart
You’re the amuba in my hard
You hold a big stick of superficial
And make me think that i could never fall

You’re my desease disturbing me
Strike me back like HIV
I want you now, watch over me
Cause you make it endlessly

Now you have no chances
To get out from my brain fences
Cos you have stain your blades
In every my heavy breathe

The blade you stain was going too deep
I little uncare i’m going to creep
I always see the smile hanging on your sweety lip
It makes my nights hard to sleep

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