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Senin, 26 Januari 2009

A Note About

Something about love
Is all about my life
Cause my life will end someday
But my heart will never end...never...

It’s all about heart
It’s all about lie that i can’t tell
And you,the one of the truth
The one who turns the lights off
This is not fate
And not destiny at all
Just a choice...

A choice...
But I can’t handle it well
Do you know a story
About a man with lonely heart?
A man without moon & stars in his every night
And without a shadow to close his eyes...that’s me

This is a yesterday dream
Very beautiful dream in my nightmare
So perfect even if I know
Impossible for me to get it
I tried the best
In my metal vest
With my lucky crest
Am I wrong if  I  hope?

I love you
I love every single day I think about you
Maybe I really need you
Cos so painful  here without you
I delighted  for see your eyes
To sing about  tales
About the world that  mine
Maybe,just a world in my mind....

2 komentar:

niena mengatakan...

banyak aja koleksi kata2 puitisnya....
trus berkarya yak...
gmn soal rekamannya???

Daniel Azhari mengatakan...

Mantap cuy...
sukses ya...

silahkan mampir..

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